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Silence™ – with its headquarters and development and manufacturing facilities in Barcelona, Spain – is Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric scooters. Founded in 2011, the company has, since its inception, established an extensive and successful sales network throughout Spain and further afield into Europe in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece and Turkey, to mention a few. Outside of Europe, Silence is represented in, amongst others, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

It boasts its own in-house research, design and development facilities, and is the only Spanish company that, in addition to manufacturing vehicles, also manufactures its own innovative battery packs. A unique feature of this removable, trolley-style proprietary battery technology, is that the batteries retain 97% of their capacity after being used for 150 000 km! Different to most other electric vehicle batteries, this feature eliminates the need for costly battery replacement during the lifecycle of Silence’s electric scooters.

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The following Silence electric scooter models are available in South Africa:

  • The Silence SO2 business-focused model with a wide range of applications ranging from the public services sector to business-specific applications, including the delivery industry.
  • The Silence SO1 commuter model for personal use.


Silence has received an array of awards since it entered the market, including the European Award for Management and Business Innovation 2018, the prestigious EnerAgen 2015 National Award, the Spanish Entrepreneur XXI prize, the SME Award to the cxSDv, and the Luike Motor Award.

Available in South Africa

Silence SO2

The Silence SO2 electric scooter is a business-focused model with a wide range of applications.

Silence SO1

The Silence SO1 electric scooter has been designed for commuting and personal use

Lithium-ion battery

Multi-function Power Battery Pack: store energy and use it for loads of things other than your S01. Power your home, work, camping, boat…