The Silence S01 electric scooter has been designed for commuting and personal use. It runs on a 5.6kWh battery and features a 7 kW (9 kW peak power) motor. The scooter has three forward driving modes – City, Sport and Eco – and a reverse gear, and has a range of up to 127 km, depending on the selected driving mode and external factors such as the weight it carries and the weather conditions. It accelerates from 0-50 km/h in 3,9 seconds and has a top speed of 100 km/h.

The Silence S01 electric scooter was voted as the best electric scooter on the market by ADAC – Germany’s distinguished automobile organisation – in a comparative study featuring five electric scooters which can be operated with a European Category-B licence (equivalent to South Africa’s Code A motorcycle license).

Starting from
R133 037
(incl VAT)

Key features

Three forward driving modes

Eco (speed limited to 70 km/h, extended travel range), City (speed limited to 85 km/h, slightly reduced travel range), Sport (speed of up to 100 km/h with more power and increased regenerated braking, reduced travel range)

Near-zero maintenance

with only regular, self-diagnostic check-ups, and tyres and brake pad replacement, when required.

A convenient built-in charging system

which allows for easy recharging at home or at the workplace without the need for a special charging installation.

Large luggage compartment

which accommodates two helmets.

Integrated inverter

An integrated inverter which can supply 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 220 VAC to external electrical devices, if required.

Code A motorcycle license

Can be operated with a Code A motorcycle license (motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cc or bigger).

Removable, trolley-style battery pack

Silence’s unique and proprietary removable, trolley-style battery pack with unsurpassed battery capacity life.

A reverse gear

Regenerative CBS brakes

A combined braking system in which the left brake lever brakes both wheels, and the right brake lever brakes the front wheel, while activating the regenerative brake system to assist with braking and to recharge the battery at the same time.

Technical features





Acceleration 0 – 50 Km/h


Top Speed

L3e: 100 km/h

Weight without batteries

111 kg

Battery weight

40 kg

Front & rear wheels

120/70-15 // 140/70-14

Front & rear brakes

Discs ø260mm / ø240mm


Easy-to-operate center stand & Side stand

Brake system

Combined CBS


Hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers


2000*705*1313 mm


1450 mm

Distance seat to floor

805 mm (705mm lower seat)


7 kW (9kW Peak Power)

Engine type

Brushless hub motor


Regenerative brake, engine brake, reverse gear

BMS (Battery Management System)

Counter System: Manage the cells’ voltage, the quantity of battery’s charges and discharges and the temperature

IEPS Intelligent Engine Protection System

Intelligent system of the engine protection


Smart Doc, USB charger, screen, anti-theft for handlebar


600W On-board / Off-board (SCHUKO connection)


Battery pack with heater (while charging)


LED / Daytime running lights / Intermittent integrated in bodywork

Digital Speedometer

Speed, (SoC), battery temperature, driving modes, hour, remaining km, 2 TRIP total/partial km

Driving modes

City, Sport, ECO and Reverse gear


On board unit (OBU) – SIM connected to the APP “Silence Connected”

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